1、________ we deal with our problems,we can easily become unhappy.
  • A 、Unless
  • B 、Until
  • C 、Though
  • D 、Whether
1.Have you met the teacher about 
he was talking?
2.No one knows the girl 
is in a red dress. Maybe she is a new student.
3.He said he had never been to the island 
there were many dangerous animals.
4.Would you please tell the man 
car stops in way to drive his car away?
5.The boy can carry the box 
is empty.
3、—What about going swimming with me?  —Sorry,I have a lot homework ________ .
  • A 、to do
  • B 、done
  • C 、do
  • D 、doing
4、I hope to visit Hawaii some day.It is a place ________ the weather is always warm.
  • A 、that
  • B 、when
  • C 、where
  • D 、which
    If you want to travel, why not consider visiting Madrid(马德里)?Madrid, the capital of Spain is the largest city of Spain, not only the center of politics and the economy, but also the center of culture and traveling. There are many places of interest, as well as famous ports in Madrid.
    Madrid is in the center of Spain, at an altitude of 665 meters. It lies higher than any other city in Europe. The city has had a very long history that reaches back to the medieval(中世纪的) times. The city’s wonderful sights—the wealth of palaces, castles, museums and special architecture(建筑) represent the history and culture of those periods.
    The city has over 30 theatres and concert halls including the Spanish musical and theatrical scene. Madrid is also the capital of Spain’s art and cultural world. Besides the lively culture and artistic scene, Madrid’s nightlife is also great. Over 100 cinemas, a lot of restaurants and bars make for a very interesting stay in the city.
    The days in Madrid seem to be very long. They start at around 8:00 a.m., and end at about 2:30 p.m. when people return home for a large, rich dinner. This is when the family members get together. Life starts again slowly. This is why many people think the people in Madrid are very lazy.
1.Where does the writer suggest going for a trip?
2.Can visitors have a good time at night in Madrid?Why?
3.What can we learn from castles,palaces and museums?
4.Why do many people think the people of Madrid are lazy?
5.Which aspects(方面) of Madrid does the writer tell us?
6、—Where do you think he would like to visit?  —Maybe a place ________ has many sights.
  • A 、which
  • B 、who
  • C 、where
  • D 、whose
 [ provide, offer ]
1.Thanks for 
great help to us.
water and food for them when they were in trouble?
 [ across, though, over ]
1.The travellers walked 
the desert and got to a place where there was grass and water.
2.The Great Wall winds its way, 
the valleys, 
the mountains and gets to the east of China.
3.There are six bridges 
the river.
9、The girl is running ________ fast ________ all the other runners fall behind ger.
  • A 、too;to
  • B 、so;that
  • C 、such;that
  • D 、too;that
10、“Excuse me,how can I learn English well?”“I think you are supposed to listen to the teacher ________ you can.”
  • A 、as careful as
  • B 、as carefully as
  • C 、as soon as
  • D 、as quickly as