1、These________apples and that________a banana.
  • A 、is;is
  • B 、are;are
  • C 、am;is
  • D 、are;is
2、—Is this an apple?
  • A 、Yes, this is
  • B 、Yes, it is
  • C 、No, it is
  • D 、No,this isn’t
3、Sonia likes basketball.She ______ basketball every day.
  • A 、play
  • B 、to play
  • C 、plays
  • D 、playing
4、I like playing _______ football.
  • A 、a
  • B 、/
  • C 、an
  • D 、the
Kate and Peter like sports. In summer they swim and in winter they ski (滑雪). They are planning (计划) a ski trip for this weekend, but they don’t know what the weather will be like. It’s 7:30 now, and they are listening to the weather report(天气预报):" It’s going to be -4℃. It’s going to snow Friday night. Saturday and Sunday are going to be clear (晴朗), cold and sunny. "
Now Kate and Peter are excited (兴奋). The weather is going to be perfect (完美的) for a ski trip. They want to have a wonderful weekend in the mountains (山).
1. Kate and Peter like listening to the weather report.
2. They plan to have a ski trip for this weekend.
3. They want to know about the price(价格).
4. It will be clear, cold and sunny on Saturday and Sunday.
5. Kate and Peter are excited because the weather is going to be perfect for a ski trip.
6、—______your brother speak English?
—Yes,but a little.
  • A 、Does
  • B 、Is
  • C 、Do
  • D 、Are
5."One a
a day keeps doctors away."is an old saying.
6.Liu Xiang r
7.Broccoli is a kind of v
8、—What can I do for you?
—I'd like two _______.
  • A 、box of apple
  • B 、boxes of apples
  • C 、boxes of apple
  • D 、box of apples
9、______ food is in the box.
  • A 、Many
  • B 、Some
  • C 、many
  • D 、some
The kids
Wang is very
 but she is very
3.Our teachers are all very s
(严格) with us students.