1、________ is important for you to do morning exerises.
  • A 、That
  • B 、This
  • C 、It
  • D 、These
2、Paul's uncle is the amn ________ taught us math last year.
  • A 、where
  • B 、which
  • C 、who
  • D 、when
3、I wasn't ___ of the way, so I saked somenoe.
  • A 、konw
  • B 、sure
  • C 、certainly
  • D 、surely
4、—You play the piano so well.Hoe long have you learned it?   — ________ ten years.
  • A 、In
  • B 、By
  • C 、For
  • D 、Since
5、Chinese people still remember those exciting days ____ they spent during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.
  • A 、that
  • B 、who
  • C 、when
  • D 、where
1.我喜欢能跟着跳舞的音乐。  I like music 
2.正在和他交谈的那位女士是他的女友。  The lady 
 is his girlfriend.
3.正在建设的这幢大楼将用作医院。  The building 
will e used as a hjospital.
4.昨天把窗户打破的那个男子现在正在受批评。  The boy 
is now being criticized.
5.—你认识一个叫Kate的女孩吗  —对不起,我不认识。  —Do you know a girl 
?  —Sorry,I don't know.
1.Would you please not put the clothes that is dirty here?

2.The man which is saving the lives in the earthquake is Mr Li.

3.No one knows how to finish the work which are too hard.

4.The room in that the old man lives was built 30 years ago.

5.The number of people who lose homes reach 200,000.

 [who, whom, that, which, whose ]
1.—Could you help me find such a boy 
is tall and kind?  —Sure.I think Jack is the one
you are looking for.
2.—I have a good friend 
eyes are bule. She is from America.   —Really? Could you introduce her to me?
3.The poor girl 
sells matches(火柴)can't find a warm house 
she can live in,so that she is dead on a cold night.
4.I don't know anyone here.because I'm one person 
arrives here the first time.
5.“Why don't you give back the pen 
 color is red to me? I need it now.”“Sorry. I will.”
9、—Who's Lucy? Do you know,Tom?   —Lucy? Oh,the girl ________ is swimming in the river.
  • A 、whom
  • B 、who
  • C 、what
  • D 、which
10、The persons to ________ you spoke is a student of Grade Two.
  • A 、who
  • B 、whose
  • C 、what
  • D 、whose