1、—My spoken English is poor,what shall I do?  —Join an English language club to practice,you'll ________ it.
  • A 、be good at
  • B 、drop in
  • C 、deal with
 (应该被允许)to have enough time to play.
 (认为……不)sixteen-year-olds should be allowed to drive.Because they 
 (好像)know me.
4.My mother 
 (允许我)stay out late on weekends sometimes.
5.We meed to 
 (和……共度时光)our parents when we are free.
Being safe in your everyday life needs knowledge.If you remember the following information,your life 
(be) much safer.
Always pay attention to the environment around you.You shouldn’t
 (walk) alone outside.Make sure where the public phones are.If anything dangerous
 (happen),you can find them easily.
Your bag should 
 (put) towards(朝着) the front of your body instead of being put on your back.When a bus is full of people,it is easy enough for a thief 
(take) away the things in the bag on your back.
If you are
 (follow) by someone you don’t know,
 (cross) the street and go to the other way, let the person 
(understand) that you know he or she is after you.Next,don’t go home at once.You
 (be) safer in the street than you are alone at home or in the elevator.
On the bus,don’t sit alone.Sit behind the driver or other people.Please remember not
the first man-made satelite 
(send) up into space?
2.Last year vegetables 
(grow) in the garden by Tom and he 
(sell) them himself.
(hear) to go upstairs two hours ago.
(save) her father?   —He 
(save) by that policeman.
(make) by his mother every year.”“ 
  your mother 
(make) mooncakes for you every year?”
6.Some toys 
(buy) as presents for these children last Monday.
(make) from wood?
1.I gave a book to Mary week.
2.Do we use them for posting letters? 
3.Where did you build the bridge? 
4.Can she finish her homework today?
5.We heard Tom sing an English song just now.  
    Some people may wonder why the girl in the same office suddenly stopped dining with them; others may be strange about what's in the boxes that people carry in the early morning.
    New graduate Yang Yang just found a job working for a website in Beijing.
"There are less and less options for a reasonable lunch around the office, especially one under 10 yuan  I started to make my own food as soon as I started work; now I do it every workday."she said.Although Laura Zhou makes much money,she also chooses to be a Daifanzu so that she can enjoy her own food in the office.She was worried about rising prices but what worried her most were the frequent reports concerning food safety, from illegally recycled cooking oil to contaminated vegetables.(物价上涨是一方面原因,但最让她担心的还是频频曝光的各种食品安全事件,从非法回收食用油再到蔬菜农药残留超标).
    And joining the Daifanzu is not just for girls;  Si Zeyang boy who is 26 years old makes lunch for himself. "It is so important to eat healthy, and making my own food can do that," he said. "I recommend all office workers make their own lunch if time allows," he added. "If I have the time, I would like to cook and take my lunch [in] every day."
    We shouldn't eat too much meat.We should eat more fruits and vegetables."The best way is to find the balance among a wide arrangement of foods such as meat, grain, vegetable and so on,Fruits and saldss are most healthy," Zhou Jian, a nutrition(营养) professor with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine said.
1.Why did Yang Yang become a Daifanzu?
2.Laure Zhou makes money but she also chooses to be Daifanzu,why?
3.Joining the Daifanzu is just for girls,not for boys.
4.Si Zeyang said making his own food can eat healthily.
5.It's important for us to find the balance among a wide arrangement of foods such as meat,grain,vegetables and so on.
    Many teenagers have 
(爱好).But sometimes these hobbies can
 (阻碍)schoolwork.Liu Yu is a 
(15岁)boy.He wants to be a 
 (职业运动员).But his parents won't allow him to 
(训练)as much as he would like to.They worry about his study at school. They think he should 
(花费)time on study and he needs to be
 (现实的).They think it is a very difficult dream to 
(实现).Liu Yu knows that his parents 
(关心)him and have always taught him the 
 (重要)of studying hard.But he just wants to do what he loves.He is 
 (对……认真)running.He thinks he should be allowed to 
 (作决定)for himself.
    He thinks only then will he have a chance to achieve his dream.
1.He is allowed to practice playing soccer every day by his parents. (改为同义句) His parents allow 
 playing soccer every day.
2.Few people can understand what he says. (改为反意疑问句) Few people can understand what he says, 
3.Jack paid $ 50 for the bike yesterday. (改为同义句) Jack 
$ 50 
the bike yesterday.
4.You must get up as early as you can. (改为同义句) You must get up
5.The bike was mended by Uncle Liu last Sunday. (改为主动语态) Uncle Liu 
 last Sunday.
1.“Mom,I know you 
 (关心)me,”said the son.
2.You mustn't let your hobbies 
 (妨碍)of your studies.
3.I stopped laughing when I realized she 
4.So far,we've
 (成功)in saving thousands of people in danger.
5.Teenagers should be allowed to
6.If you work hard,I think you can 
7.I hear that you are going on a trip,but you must 
 (考虑)where to go.
10、—Susan,why are you still here? They are all ready to start.   —I'm sorry,but I ________ when to leave.
  • A 、don’t tell
  • B 、didn’t well
  • C 、wasn’t told