1、—Why don't you take the coat, Linda?  —I have only 5  dollars , I can`t (  )  it .
  • A 、afford
  • B 、borrow
  • C 、sell
  • D 、bring
2、—Excuse me,what's this for?  —It's a cleaner and it ________ to pick up dirt.
  • A 、uses
  • B 、is used
  • C 、is using
  • D 、used
3、“Would you like some coffee?”“No,thanks. I ________ drink coffee.Coffee is bad for my stomach.”
  • A 、almost
  • B 、already
  • C 、hardly
  • D 、still
(seem) that Jenny has changed a lot.She used to be short when she 
(be) a little girl,but now she 
(be) tall. She used 
(be) very shy,but now she is outgoing .And she likes to sing and dance.She 
 (not use) to do spots.She used to play with her dolls.But now she likes gym very much.She does sports every day,such as doing morning 
(exercise) and 
   How greatly she has changed in the last few years!
  —I remember you 
  play soccer.—Yes,But now I play basketball.
 getting up early.
 post atsaps.
    In a last August evening two migrant workers(农民工) sang a song which is called In the spring.A friend recorded the performance and posted it on the Internet.In the video,Liu Gang sits playing the guitar,and Wang Xu stands singing. The two migrant workers became stars after singing the weepy(催人泪下的)song.
    Wang Xu is 45,he came to Beijing in 2000 and has worked as a boiler man and street peddler.Now he's medical warehouse keeper,with a monthly pay of around 1,500 yuan.Little is left after he pays 600 yuan for the rent and buys food.Liu Gang is 30;he came to Beijing in 2003“I wanted to try my luck in the big city,”he said.
    “With no credit card,girlfriend,or a home with hot water,but only a guitar,I am singing happyily on streets,under bridges or in wild country,though nobody pays attention to the music.If someday I am dead,please bury me in the spring,”they sing.Many people are deeply moved by this song.
   “We are happy and proud that so many people think the music video represents heartfelt expression of migrant workers and the underclass,”Wang said.
   “ Please don`t look down upon migrant workers, who may be less educated, but are kindhearted,” Wang said.
    We all hope they will have a good life in the future.
1.Wang Xu and Liu Gang sang a song called __________________.
3.Mang people are deeply moved by In the Spring,aren't they?
4.What is Wang Xu's job now?
1.Mario used to wear glasses. (改为否定句)
 wear glasses.
2.Mary used to be very short. (改为一般疑问句)
Mary used to 
very short?
3.My uncle used to collect stamps . (对画线部分提问)
did your uncle 
4.Dave didn't use to enjoy Beijing Opera, 
 ? (完成反意疑问句)
                    He used to cause a lot of trouble.
  Martin is a fifteen-year-old boy. He used to be c 
a lot of trouble at school after his father's d 
a few years ago. At that time, his mother couldn’t afford to p
 for her child’s education. So she had to work and so was often at home.His mother looked after him as well as p 
. But he still got into trouble and wan't interested in s
.Luckily,his mother didn't give up t
to help him.She decided to talk with him.She told him how much she loved him.And Martin realized that since his father died,he had been afraid of being a 
,and had tried to make his mother pay more a 
to him.At l 
,Martin has really c 
.He has been one of the best students in his class.
1.I used 
(play) the piano,but now I don't.
2.The machines are used for 
(make) cakes.
3.Mary gets used to 
(drink) a glass of water before meals.
4.Don't use the pen there.It is not used to 
5.Computers are used for 
(help) people do many things.
10、I used to love this film when I was young,but I ________ it that way any more.
  • A 、don’t feel
  • B 、didn’t feel
  • C 、haven’t felt
  • D 、hadn’t felt