1、Linda,when shall we take a walk?
After I finish ____ the dishes.
  • A 、wash
  • B 、washed
  • C 、to wash
  • D 、washing




3、A person with good manners never ________ people in trouble.
  • A 、laughs at
  • B 、make fun of
  • C 、makes fun
  • D 、laugh at
4、— I hear that a new park _____ in the center of the city by 2012.
— That's great.
  • A 、will build
  • B 、will be built
  • C 、was built
[ improess, laugh at, understand, learn, take, first of all, too, enjoy, secret, be afraid to ]
                            How I learned to learn English
    Last year my English class was difficult.
, it wasn't easy for me 
the teacher when she talked . To begin with.she spoke too quickly,and I couldn't understand every word. Later on,I realized that it doesn't matter if you don't understand every word. Also, I 
speak in class.because I thought my classmates might 
me. I couldn't always make complete sentences,
.Then I started to watch English-language TV.It helped a lot.I think that doing lots of listening practice is one of the 
of becoming a good language
. Another thing that I found very difficult was English grammar. So I decided 
lots of grammar notes in every class. Then I started to write my own original sentences using the grammar I was learning.lt's amazing how much this helped.Now I am 
learning English and I got an A this term. My teacher is very
6、指出下列句子中 by 的含义
1.I learn English by making flashcards.  

2.Many experts think that India's population may be larger than China's by 2020.

3.She goes by the school every day on her way to school. 

4.They have gone to Beijing by train. 

5.Chinese is spoken by the most people in the world. 

    Many Chinese students don't pay much attention to(注意) spoken English at school. They think it necessary to practise speaking English in class, but not out of class. Here is a story to show you how important it is to speak the English language freely in everyday life.
  A foreigner once got hungry and went into a restaurant in London. He sat down at a table. When the waiter came, he opened his mouth, put his fingers into it and took them out again in order to express that he wanted something to eat for he could not speak English. The waiter soon brought a cup of tea. The man shook(摇动)his head. The waiter then took away the tea and brought a cup of coffee. The man again shook his head. He tried again and again, but he wasn't able to make the waiter understand him. Finally another man came in. He spoke English clearly and fluently.In a few minutes, there was a large plate of meat and vegetables on the table before him. So you see a man often goes hungry if he doesn't master(掌握) a foreign language.
1.Do Chinese students pay much attention to spoken English?
3.Where did the story happened?
4.Did the waiter understand the first man?

    We'll meet all kinds of problems in our daily life. The problems can make us feel u 
.Worrying about our problems can affect how we do at school and influence the way we b 
with our families.In the text, the writer tells us three ways to d 
with our problems.
    Firstly,by learning to forget.Aa an adult,we probably have been angry with others for many years about small problems. But the same things don't happen to children. Because they forget something unhappy quickly.
    Secondly,by regarding problems as challenges.Many students c 
about school.Because they feel they have too much work to do,or think some school rules are too strict.Education is an impotant part of our d 
the teacher's help,we should t 
our best to change the problems into challenges.
    Thirdly,by thinking of something worse.Stephen Hawking is one of greatest scientists. He can't wslk or even speak,but he has bucome very famous and s 
.He regards his many physical problems as u 
    When we have problems in our life,we should f 
them and try ways to deal with them.
1.Yesterday I went to school 
2.I practice English 
 (通过加入)an English-language club.
3.—How are you going to get there?   — 
4.You'd better finish the work 
5.Who is the old man 
10、用 by, with, in 填空
1.Why don't you learn English 
speaking to your friends in English?
2.The man makes a living 
collecting junk.
3.Last Sunday Tommy traveled around the city 
4.Most people write 
right hands.
6.Xu Zheng dug a hole in the ground 
his bare hands(空手).
7.He made the speech