1、________ we deal with our problems,we can easily become unhappy.
  • A 、Unless
  • B 、Until
  • C 、Though
  • D 、Whether
2、Linda,when shall we take a walk?
After I finish ____ the dishes.
  • A 、wash
  • B 、washed
  • C 、to wash
  • D 、washing
    Close your eyes for a minute and imagine what life would be like if you couldn't see. Imagine having to read this page, not with your eyes but with your fingers. How do you feel, then?    
   With medical knowledge and skills today, two-thirds of the world's 42 million blind people should not have to suffer (受苦). Unluckily, rich countries have this knowledge, but developing countries do not.
    ORBIS is an international charitable organization (慈善组织). Its goal is to help fight blindness all over the world. Inside a DC-8 airplane, there is a teaching hospital with television room and classroom. Doctors are taught the latest technology of helping the blind get sight again here. ORBIS is always trying to keep a closer relation among countries.
    ORBIS helps those developing countries by providing sight-saving training. It has taught over 35,000 doctors and nurses. They continue to treat thousands of blind people every year. They have travelled around the earth 3 times, visited 76 countries and treated over 20,000 blind people. They need your help to continue their work and free people from blindness. 
        For just 38  dollars,  you can help _disibledevent="font-family:Tahoma;">1. 判断正误:“T”表示正确,“F”表示错误。
) Both rich and developing countries have the knowledge of helping blind people.
2. 完成句子:ORBIS' goal is to
3. How many doctors and nurses has ORBIS taught?

4. What can you do for $380 according to the passage?


4、—Why don't you take the coat, Linda?  —I have only 5  dollars , I can`t (  )  it .
  • A 、afford
  • B 、borrow
  • C 、sell
  • D 、bring
    Since 1850.the temperature of Earth’s surface has increased about 0.6°C.Scientists predict it may warm much more by the end of this century.Who’s turning up the heat? Well, it seems that we are! Some of this global warming may be natural.However,nearly all scientists now agree that most of it is due to peoples actions.Over the past 150 years, we've added huge amounts of certain gases, especially carbon dioxide(CO2)to the air. These gases can keep heat near Earth's surface,so more carbon dioxide means more heat is kept near Earth's surface.Global warming may change the weather in ways that lead to more severe storms,floods and droughts.
    We add carbon dioxide to the air when we burn things, especially fossil fuels.Fossil fuels are energy sources formed from the remains of plants and animals that lived millions of years ago.Coal,oil,and natural gas are all fossil fuels.People in the United States and other countries started bunting large amounts of fossil fuels more than a century ago.The amount d fossil fuels being burned each year has been increasing worldwide.The more we burn,________________.
    What can we do to help? Nowadays to live a low-carbon life is quite popular in the world.Low-carbon means to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide.Saving energy and reusing are the key words. In fact, even the simplest everyday activities can make our lives low-carbon.
1.What problem can global warming cause? _________________________
2.What are fossil fuels?  ______________________________
3.请将第一段中的画线句子翻译成汉语。 _______________________________
4.请根据第二段内容,将最后一个句子补充完整。  The more we bum,_____________________________________________.
5.请写出日常生活中的一种“低碳”行为(用英语写一个句子)。  _________________________
work made me 
  The heavy work 
  Why didn't you 
 at the meeting yesterday?
7、— ________ you been to Hong Kong before 1997?  —No,I hadn't.
  • A 、Have
  • B 、Did
  • C 、Do
  • D 、Had
8、Jenny,put on your coat ________ you will catch a cold.
  • A 、but
  • B 、and
  • C 、or
  • D 、so
1.I noticed him go into the house a moment ago.
 go into the house a moment ago.
2.Do these students often sing the English song?
the English song often 
by these students?
3.She used the knife to cut the hruit a moment ago.
  The knife 
 to cut the hruit a moment ago.
4.The children will sing a French song at the party tonight.
  A French song 
 the children at the party tonight.
5.Did he clean the window just now?
the window 
by him just now?