1、He was so _______ when he heard the _______ news that he got the first prize in the contest.
  • A 、excited;exciting
  • B 、exciting;excited
  • C 、excited;excited
  • D 、excited;exciting
,isn't it?
B:Yes,it's very cold,and everyone wears warm clothes.
A:You're waiting for the the bus
B:Yes,I have waited for the bus for a long time.
,isn't it?
B:No,it isn't. But today the bus is late. I think there's something wrong with it.
A:I agree.
,don't you?
B:Yes,All my classmates go to school by bus every day,too.
A:Your school is very far,
B:Yes,it's about 10 kilometers away.
1.There is little water in the glass,
2.Tom was watching a football match yesterday,
3.Let us take a train,
4.Tom writes to his pen pal every month,
5.The Smiths usually have supper at half past six,
1.Yao Ming is good at basketball,
2.She has few friends,
3.He can work out the math problem,
4.Rita doesn't like cold weather,
5.They have finished the work,
5、Just before the Chinese class,I suddenly realized that I forgot _______ my Chinese textbook.
  • A 、bring
  • B 、bringing
  • C 、and bring
  • D 、to bring
6、—Do you often go online?
—Yes,Internet makes _______ easier to talk with our friends.
  • A 、it
  • B 、us
  • C 、me
  • D 、it’s
7、—They haven't paid for their tickets,have they?
— _______ .They didn't pay any money.
  • A 、Yes,they have
  • B 、No,they havn’t
  • C 、Yes,they haven’t
  • D 、No,they have
1.He has a wonderful time 
(play) basketball every day.
2.Thank you for 
(invite) me to your party.
3.I feel like 
(be) alone.
4.I had a hard time 
(learn) maths last term.
5.He often helps me 
(clean) the yerd.
6.He asked me 
(buy) a book for him.
9、How much does the ticket _______ from Shanghai to  Beijing?
  • A 、cost
  • B 、took
  • C 、spend
  • D 、pay
1.我们相处得好是因为我们两个都喜欢运动。   We 
well because we both like sports.
2.我打算浏览一下报纸去找一份假期工作。   I'm going to 
 the newspaper 
a holiday job.
3.我经常帮助妈妈打扫卫生和做饭。   I often 
my mother 
cleaning and cooking.
do you 
your friends?