1、________ your help, I passed the exam.
  • A 、Thanks to
  • B 、Thanks for
  • C 、Thank to
  • D 、Thank for
    It was Jimmy’s birthday and he was years old. He got a lot of nice birthday presents from his family, and one of them was a beautiful drum.( 鼓 )
   “ Who gave him that drurn?” Jimmy’s father said when he saw it. “ His grandfather did,” answered Jimmy’s mother.
   “ Oh,” said his father. Of course Jimmy liked his drum very much. He made a terrible(可怕的) noise with it, but his father didn’t mind . He was working during the day and Jimmy was already in bed when he got home in the evening ,so he couldn’t hear the noise.
    But one of the neighbors didn’t like the noise at all, so a few days later, she took a sharp ( 锋利的 ) knife and went to Jimmy’s house while he was hitting his drum. She said to him, “ Hello, Jimmy, do you know, there is something very nice inside your drum? Here is a knife. Open the drum and let’s find it.”
( )1 Jimmy got a lot of nice presents from his _________.
  A classmates    B friends    C teachers    D family
( )2 Who gave Jimmy the drum? _________.
  A His father   B His mother   C His neighbor   D His grandfather
( ) 3 Why did Jimmy’s father not stop him from making noise with the drum?  _________.
  A Because he liked Jimmy very much    B Because he didn’t mind
  C Because Jimmy was in bed            D Because Jimmy only played in the evening
( ) 4 One of the neighbors _________.
  A liked Jimmy very much   B enjoyed listening to the sound of the drum
  C wanted to show Jimmy a sharp knife   D didn’t like the noise at all
( ) 5 What did Jimmy’s neighbor really want him to do? To ___________.
  A stop him making noises         B make a noise on his drum with a knife
  C show him how to hit the drum   D find something nice in his drum
1,题目:Tian Tian’s Birthday Party
A:Excuse me, Milke!
A:What are you doing mow?
B:I'm reading 
English story.
you help me?
.What is it?
A:My bike doesn't work. I can't ride it.
B:It must be broken.
A:Yes, but I have to go to buy some medicine for my mother.
worry. You can use mine.
A:Thank you.
B:That's all right.
1.I have to go to  the doctor on Tuesday. (改为一般疑问句)
 to go to  the doctor on Tuesday?
2.Can you go fishing with me this afternoon? (作否定回答)
3.I'm going to the movies with some friends. (对画线部分提问)
 going to the movies 
4.He has to study for the test. (改为否定句)
 study for the test.
5.Why don't you have an English party? (改为同义句)
 an English party?
1.—What are you doing on Thursday afternoon?  —I have a piano l
2.Thank you for your 
3.I have to study for a math t 
4.On Saturday I go fishing with Grandpa the 
5.There is a football m 
at 5:00 pm on TV.
1.—Can you come to my p 
?  —Sure, I'd love to.
2.What about going to a 
3.I have too much 
(作业)this weekend.
4.—Can you p 
tennis with me?  —I'd love to.
5.Please c 
me after the vacation.
8、—Must I finish these exercises at school?  —No,you ________ .
  • A 、mustn’t
  • B 、can’t
  • C 、don’t
  • D 、needn’t
9、If you come to school late again, I ________ give your father a call.
  • A 、will have to
  • B 、will must
  • C 、will need
  • D 、will has to
10、The poor lady had to go out for food ________ a cold morning.
  • A 、in
  • B 、at
  • C 、on
  • D 、during