1. At last, we went to Maria's home and talked about the movie until midnight.
  • A 、 Finely 
  • B 、 Finally
  • C 、 At the end of 
2、—______ ?
—He lives in Tokyo.
  • A 、Where’s he from
  • B 、Where’s he live
  • C 、Do you live in Tokyo
  • D 、Where does he live
3、 用am,is,are填空
 this ? —It
 a book .
 (be) New York ?
-It's in the USA.
your pen pal
 (come) from Australia ?
(not have) any Chinese books .
4.Do you like
 (watch) Beijing Opera?
5.Can you old man
 (write) an e-mail to me ?
6.The young men are
7.How many
 (watch) do you have?
 (live) in Shanghai.
9.I enjoy
 (listen) to the pop music very much.
10.Please give an eraser to
A.That's OK.Thank you .We can be good friends .
B.Hello!Are you from the USA?
C.I speak English .I also speak Chinese .Let's help each other .Is that OK?
D.Can you speak Chinese?
E.Yes,but a little .What language do you speak ?
F.No,I'm from Australia.What about you?
H.I'm from France.
I.I want to learn Chinese history.
J.Why do you come to China ?


    There are seven people in my family .They are my parents ,my two sisters ,my brother,his wife and I.In England ,a family like this is a big one .My father has a factory .It isn't very big .It makes all kinds of boats .My brother is a doctor .He works in a hospital .His wife works in the same hospital ,too.She is a nurse .My two sisters are students .One wants to be a teacher .She studies hard and well .The other like singing very much and can sing very well .So she wants tobe a singer .I'm now in China teaching English and learning Chinese .My mother stays at home .Can you guess what she does at home ?Yes ,she does the housework .She is a    housewife    .
1.Where does the writer come from ?
A.China   B.Canada    C.England    D.The USA
2.Who works in a school in my family ?
A.One of the writer's sisters          B.The writer
C.The writer's father                 D.The writer's brother
3.In Chinese "singer"means(意思是)_______.
A.播音员     B.音乐教师     C.演员     D.歌手
4.In Chinese "housewife"means _______.
A.保姆   B.劳累的妻子    C.家庭主妇    D.干家务活的人
5.Which is right?
A.Not many families have seven people in England .
B.There are seven people in many families in England .
C.My brother and his wife are doctor in a hospital .
D.My sisters like singing and dancing very much .
   Bill comes from Canada .He works in a small shop .It is near a factory and a school .Every day a lot of workers and students go there to buy things .
   In the morning ,Bill gets up eraly and has his breakfast .He goes to work by bike .
    He gets to the shop at about seven twenty .The shop opens at seven thirty .It sells many things like food and drinks .It also sells school things .There are often many people in the shop from morning to evening .
   Bill has lunch in the shop .At seven in the evening ,the boss clothes the shop .He goes back home for dinner .
1.Where does Bill work ?
A.In a big shop   B.In a small shop  C.In a factory  D.In a school
2.Who buy things in the shop every day ?
A.Some housewives   B.Some students  C.A lot of workers  D.A lot of workers and students
3.What time does Bill get to the shop ?
A.Seven o'clock  B.Half past seven   C.Seven twenty  D.Twenty to seven
4.What does the shop sell?
A.Radio  B.Computers   C.It sells many things   D.Shoes
5.Where does Bill have lunch ?
A.In the shop    B.At home     C.At school          D.In the hotel
  We   1    four new students in our class.One is Tom .He   2    England .He speaks   3    .John's   4     the United States.He speaks English ,  5    .And Michiko   6    a Japanese .She lives   7    Tokyo .But she is in Beijing   8    her parents .The last one is Peter .He's from   9    .He speaks English and French .We are in   10    same class .We are good friends .
1.A.have    B.has   C.don't   D.there are
2.A.come from     B.come     C.is from     D.from
3.A.Chinese      B.Japanese   C.England     D.English
4.A.at          B.from        C.with        D.of
5.A.too         B.also        C.either      D.or
6.A.am          B.is          C.are        D.be
7.A.at          B.to         C.in           D./
8.A.and         B.or        C.to            D.with
9.A.Australia    B.Canada    C.Japan       D.America
10.A.a           B.an        C.the         D./
9、-Is your pen pal from Australia or Canada ?
  • A 、Yes,he is
  • B 、No,he isn’t
  • C 、He is from Canada
  • D 、Australia or Canada
1.John comes from England .(改为一般疑问句)
 England ?
2.She speaks French .(改为否定句)
3.My pen pal is from     Paris     .(就画线部分提问)
 your pen pal from ?
4.My sister speaks   English     .(就画线部分提问)
 your sister
5.He comes from New York .(改为同义句)
 New York .